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Sharon E. Elias, Owner/Disc Jockey

  • Sharon E. Elias, Owner/Disc Jockey
    Sharon Elias started BTDJE in 1990. With a background in radio programming and a part-time job in catering, mobile dj’ing as a business seemed like a natural blend of the two lines of work. Over the years, her company has entertained celebrities, brides and grooms and corporate heads. She has worked on TV productions and wrap parties as well.

Peter Isaacs - MC/DJ & Certified Professional Event Manager

  • Peter Isaacs - MC/DJ  & Certified Professional Event Manager
    Peter has worked just about as many BTDJE parties as Sharon the owner has. He's performed throughout the U.S. and Europe. From a radio personality in Denmark to an mobile DJ working private parties in L.A., Peter holds over 20 years of experience. He brings his warmth, humor and English charm to every party and clients adore him! Peter earned a B.A. in Event Management.

Ron Packard - DJ/MC/VJ

  • Ron Packard - DJ/MC/VJ
    Ron lives and breathes DJ’ing. He simply loves it. Musically interested since he was nine, Ron boasts a music library of over 100,000 titles and a video library of over 7,000. He’s been employed by Princess Cruises for the past 10 years as a Teen DJ. When he’s in town, he’s either mobile dj’ing, doing local clubs or at the gym.

Jennifer Isaacs – MC/DJ & Certified Professional Event Manager

  • Jennifer Isaacs  – MC/DJ  & Certified Professional Event Manager
    Jennifer started dj’ing in 1998 and has worked many parties for BTDJE. As one of the few select female djs in a male dominated industry, Jennifer has a great reputation. Her friendly demeanor, fun personality and ability to read the crowd, makes her a favorite with clients and brides. She is also earned a B.A. in Event Management.

Mark Fortier - MC/DJ

  • Mark Fortier - MC/DJ
    What a guy! Likable and professional. Great voice. Mark has been a mobile professional for 20 years and it shows. He excels at Bar and Bat Mitzvahs.

Lori Veurink - Dancer

  • Lori Veurink - Dancer
    Fun, enthusiastic, talented Lori is a wonderful addition to any party. She’ll get everyone up dancing!

Mark Hix - DJ/MC

  • Mark Hix - DJ/MC
    British born Mark Hix has a versatile background. Mark is currently featured in the magazine "Modern Bride" as Cal's Top DJ. His client list is prestigious; including several Hollywood celebrities. When asked why he enjoys performing, Mark replies, “It's the greatest fun in the world!". Mark was voted MyFoxLA.com's "Best DJ of 2008” and “The Knot’s Most Picked DJ of 2007".

Mark Allen - MC and Dancer

  • Mark Allen - MC and Dancer
    Mark has worked with BTDJE for several years, primarily as an MC. His great enthusiasm, commanding presence and handsome looks makes him extremely well-liked. He’s fantastic with kids…they just gravitate towards him. Just an around good guy!

Randy Kort - MC/DJ

  • Randy Kort - MC/DJ
    Randy’s been in the business for over 20 years and draws much of his experience from Corporate MC’ing. He’s a favorite with our Bar and Bat Mitzvah clients as well as our Brides and Grooms!

Francesca Leigh - Dancer

  • Francesca Leigh - Dancer
    Francesca brings a bit of Britain with her along with her great attitude! She’ll brighten up any party. Long time dancer, fantastic roller skating gal!

Chad Davis - Dancer

  • Chad Davis - Dancer
    At a recent bat mitzvah the client said, “Tell your dancer that is he is just wonderful and everyone loves him.” Obviously, Chad’s charisma, enthusiasm and energy had been evident. Chad is fun, likable and truly enjoys being at the party. He mingles in with kids and adults alike and will have them smiling and dancing!