Corporate Functions

Send us this questionnaire so we can provide everything your next corporate event requires!

In the consultation at your office, a representative from our company will introduce key points of planning your event with your committee:

  • The music format.
  • Sequence of activities.
  • Type of activities.
  • Enhancements such as lighting and party props.

Holiday Parties

At holiday parties, we offer unique activities that bring together both management and staff alike. We specialize in unusual ICEBREAKERS, which are guaranteed to bring the most introverted guests out on the dance floor! The following is a general list of activities that will create a festive environment:
Frosty The Snowman Dress-up
The Candy Kane
The Reindeer Dance
Holiday Bingo
Santa Ho Ho Ho
Santa Burst
The Centerpiece Giveaway
Secret Santa
Holiday Sing-A-Longs
Hanukkah Hymns
The 12 Days of Christmas
…And more!

We have a large selection of holiday songs to choose from, with renditions from various artists. We enjoy using instrumental music because it's perfect for cocktail and dinner hours.

Award Banquets

Not only do we provide the music, but also we set the stage by providing audio/visual presentations for them. See our Other Services page for more information.


Our picnic packages depend on the number of guests attending. You'll get four hours of entertainment with our enthusiastic staff members who organize contests and competitions for adults and kids.

Must haves are Interactive Games at your picnic!  The 30-foot slide, the Dunk Tank and Sumo Wrestling are among the most popular.

Of course, we have all the standards too! Water balloon and egg tosses, sack and relay races and a pie-eating contest are only at the beginning of our list!

Team Building

Black Tie DJ Entertainment can design a program with our theme-oriented games and programs. While these generate enthusiasm and laughter, they also utilize problem-solving techniques. Although all the activities are consistent in their framework, they are customized to achieve the goals of your particular company. These activities go far beyond a friendly competition of "Tug-O'-War" (although we play that too!).